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Welcome to
CAB Inspirational Ltd

Where empowerment meets community enrichment.

Hello There!

My name is Cheryl

Welcome to CAB Inspirational Ltd. I'm Cheryl, founder and CEO.


My passion is to empower the community to be the best versions of themselves.

I recognise the many challenges with mental health and wellbeing, so I offer mental health and wellbeing courses, counselling services, inspirational speaking and inspirational writing, as an author.

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My Services

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Counselling & Mental Health Support

Counselling & mental health support offer personalised guidance & strategies for individuals to navigate life's challenges, manage stress, improve relationships, and enhance overall well-being

Speaking Events

My mental health service for public speaking events provides confidential support and resources to help speakers manage anxiety, boost confidence, & enhance their mental well-being before, during & after presentations


For school visits offers comprehensive support to students, & staff, fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. Through workshops & more, I promote mental wellness and coping skills. 

My Blog

Products & Merchandise

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