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Confidence, confidence, confidence!

Would you believe me if I told you that it took a massive amount of confidence to record my first video on YouTube? Imagine that you embark upon on a rock climbing challenge. You ascend up the rockface one cautious step at a time, anticipating the excitement of the arrival at the peak to claim victory of the challenge of endurance. Arriving at the top and find yourself stationary. The vertical climb was empowering, you felt victorious with every step. However, as you hover on the cliff edge, suddenly confidently grasping the enormous part of the earth with your bare hands, an overwhelming fear overtakes you as realisation hits that you must get yourself over the edge and on to flat land. Your grip increases along with the level of fear. Victory, which felt so close, brief moments ago, is disappearing and claiming this victory awaits you but you are not yet able to claim such defeat as suddenly, an even bigger challenge is now set. "Just reach over!" one part of you says, "but what if I fall?" you subconsciously answer to the strongest part of you that desperately wishes to claim defeat. The comments from the part of you that is fearful takes precedence, casting the confidence aside like an unwanted old glove. The confidence that you rightfully claimed has now disappeared into the void. "The void", you realise that this word is more than a black hole, more than a synonym for the place of disappearance of something but evokes a deep fear within you. The void now represents the fear of falling, the fear of letting go and being out of control. No longer being able to control your emotions, you are met with a panic stricken feeling causing your heart rate to increase, an uncontrollable breathing matches your heart rate and you start to sweat in response. Your grip loosens, your ability to hold on is limiting. And so it was when you recalled a previous conversation with an inspirational figure that you acquired a strength within you "unless you take the the leap, you are only left with two options, you will hang in there for the rest of eternity, but this is unsustainable, you can not do this over a long term. The other is that you give up, you fall into the void and existence ceases. Then you come to further realisation that these 'options' that you think you have are not actually options at all. Yes, of course you can, but it serves no purpose in life. At that moment, you acquire strength to realise that you actually only have one viable option. You take the leap, you "just do it", you made the climb, it took a tremendous amount of energy to do so, it took skill, it took passion and dedication. You have already demonstrated the type of person that you are. A fighter, a hardworker and so you take the leap. You reach over, no matter how frightening it is, you reach over and you meet your victory, you claim what is yours and you will always remember "take the leap" I hope this helps to inspire you, to help you realise the potential that you already have within you. The only thing that is stopping you is yourself and the thoughts that you can't do something, when you know deep down, you can. Introducing CAB Inspirational Ltd - YouTube I took the leap and I'm glad I did. I took the leap when I said yes to myself when I started my company, I took the leap when I published my first book, I take a leap every time I give an inspirational speech, a talk or offer support. I take the leap so this world can be a better place, one person at a time, one life at a time. If you are on the edge of the rockface, wondering whether you should take the leap. Know that the leap, as frightening as it might feel, is better than the anticipation and uncertainty. You have got the strength within you already, believe in yourself, like I believe in you.

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