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After Trauma: A Poetry Collection

After Trauma is the first book in the poetry collection 'Healing Hearts'. It is a beautiful compilation of poems that explores the complexities of trauma, healing and inspiration. It is divided into three sections that each explore the journey through trauma, healing and inspiration.

The first section discusses the initial shock and hurt of trauma. It explores the deep emotions and feelings that come from experiencing trauma, and how different people cope with it.


The second section embarks upon the journey of healing. It looks at how people can find strength in their pain, and how resilience can be found in the most unlikely of places. Plus, how we can find hope in the darkest of times and how we can learn to accept and grow from our experiences.


The third section explores inspiration. It looks at how people can find moments of joy and beauty in the midst of pain.

Moving forward, it encourages how we can take the experiences from trauma and use them to create a life filled with purpose and joy. Through its poetic words, After Trauma aims to inspire readers to find their own path to healing and hope.

After Trauma - A Poetry Collection

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  • CAB Inspirational Ltd aim to inspire the hearts and minds of all people. After Trauma: A Poetry Collection, does just this.

    This beautifully written book of poetry helps you understand and know you are not alone, during your journey of exploring trauma, healing and inspiration.

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